A charmed life

Published 11:51 pm Thursday, July 17, 2014


Ever since the passing of Bruno I have wanted another Boxer in our home.

I love little Pablo with all my heart but I am a big dog man with Boxers as a preference.

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Due to recent problems with my heart and a small mass on my lung, I’m not quite as strong as I used to be and certain parameters had to be met.

We put word out that we wanted a female older than one year but no less than three years of age.

I don’t like when people ask me to be that specific when they want a dog but I had a lot of other things to worry about, namely caring for my kids and myself.

I did as I always do, I prayed on it and left it in God’s hands, what will be will be.

Around two months ago I received a call from my good friend Lani at FHS that they had a female Boxer in.

I called back and got Ashley (sweetie).

“The bulldog called and told me about a female Boxer,” I blurted out excitedly.  Ashley laughed, “She came in last night with a six month old pup. She hasn’t been evaluated but she seems sweet.”  “

Thanks Sweetie.”  Lani told me her puppy’s name is Lucky so they named her Charms.

“You can come and meet her but you won’t be able to walk her till she’s evaluated, you know the routine Lennie.”  “Of course Lani, Elaine and I will be down tomorrow and I’ll behave myself.”

We both laughed and rang off.

When we met Charms the next day she had a face like my sweet Allie, which immediately blew me away.

She was wary, especially around Lucky, her pup, but wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen before.

Elaine pressed me to take the advice I give to so many others and not to think only with my heart.

“You like her too, don’t you darling?” I said.

Elaine smiled and hugged me, “She does remind me of Allie.”

That evening I received a call from Lori Jewell at Pet Tender Angels.

“Lennie, I had a 1 ½ year old brindle female Boxer, she’s the third one I picked up from this area in a month.

She’s high heartworm and looks like she’s had pups and has a mammary gland problem.  She’s sweet as can be and super affectionate.”

I called and told Lori about our visit at FHS that day but we’ll be over to see your Boxer tomorrow.

“By the way Lori, what’s her name?”  “Since she’s the third one retrieved from that area,” Lori said, “I figured the third time is a charm, so we named her Charm.”

I laughed as I hung up the phone and looked up to the heavens, “So that’s how it is going to be Lord, I should have known.”

The next day visiting Charm, Elaine and I were smitten.  The wonderful girl was all over us and was as sweet as can be.

“You have first choice Lennie,” Lori said, “but don’t pressure yourself; as soon as we get her well I will surely find her a good home.”

I gave my dear friend a great big hug and then kissed sweet Charm right between the eyes.  I then handed Lori a $500 check from Lennie’s fund.  “Whether we take her or not, please see she gets the care she needs.”

After some tears and more hugs Elaine and I went home to discuss options.

On the 16th of July I’ll be going to Idaho to visit an old friend I haven’t’ seen in over 20 years.

We will be holding off certain medical procedures till I get back.

The brindle Charm from Pet Tender Angels had her mammary operation and did well; she’s also begun her heartworm treatments.

Two weeks ago we finalized the adoption of Charms from FHS and we now call her Charma, because it sounds Italian.

Lori admits that Charma is cute but insists her Charm is cuter.  Sore loser!

Meanwhile Charma has filled a large hole in my heart.

When we get back from Idaho they’ll do a biopsy where they’ll place some gold specks in my tumor so they can track it as they zap it.

I think to myself, “What the heck could go wrong?”

After all, I am living a charmed life.

Thanks for listening.