Constitution guarantees the right of self-expression

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Letter to the editor:
I am compelled to respond to citizen Maryneal Jones for her “America is shamed on July 4th” letter regarding the Polk County Republican Party.
Throwing a softball at a cardboard target with the face of the President or former Secretary of State Clinton is a nonviolent expression of dislike for the policies and actions of those two individuals. Ms. Jones needs to differentiate between violent actions and nonviolent actions. Our Constitution guarantees the right of self-expression, not just the expression of the liberal agenda. Yes, it was offensive, to some and not to others.
Quote from Priscilla B. Yeager’s Letter to the Editor, July 8, Tryon Daily Bulletin: “As my husband and I walked near the Republican Party booth, festooned with posters advertising Gage, Owens, Holbert, etc., we heard a pounding sound and loud laughter.” It would appear the Ms. Yeager is a witness that other citizens were not offended. Quite the opposite of the universal outrage portrayed in Ms. Jones’ letter.
Let me explain why we have a Constitution:
1. It protects the right of all individuals, not just the selected few.
2. It protects the rights of the offender because one day you might be the offender.
3 Disrespect: to show contempt, disdain or disregard.
“Using the tired and untrue way to shut people down is hypocritical and cheating. Admit that disrespect is necessary and inevitable rather than holding a double standard whereby your disrespect is just discernment and other peoples’ simply is sinful. (Psychology Today, Jeremy Sherman, Ph.D., December 13, 2012)
I am glad that citizen Yeager doesn’t have the authority to judge what is fair.
Ms. Jones states, “… look a the world: (1) killing, (2) destruction, (3) circumventing the rule of the law.”
1. President Obama: Drones, Fast and Furious. Ms. Clinton, Benghazi
1. Libya, Crimea, Syria and Iraq. All on President Obama’s watch.
3. … rule of law: 923 or more Presidential Executive Orders to circumvent Congress.
Was Ms. Jones thinking about those when she made her statement?
I would also like to understand if Ms. Jones is against the symbol of the Swastika because she aligns it with “haters”, but then defends it as an ancient symbol to which millions identify with the Son of God/ Prince of Peace. So, is she against it or not?

– Scott Woodsworth,
Mill Spring

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