Burn t-shirts not bridges

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, July 15, 2014

To the editor:
My first reaction was “How, stupid, stupid, STUPID” on the part of those few who thought it was a “good” or “fun” idea to have such an idiotic booth at the 4th of July celebration.   How very polarizing such tactics are, especially as the County and the communities are trying to come together over shared issues.  Such stupidity is appalling.  And the t-shirts were jaw dropping – whose idea was that?
My next reaction is that, taken together, the brain trust that came up with these ideas employed a kind of bullying behavior set. Gang tactics and sneer pressure.  Unfortunate approaches that diminish all of us who are proud to call Polk County, N.C. our home.
Finally, how truly fortunate we all are that we can respond to situations with our views and opinions – without reprisal, or bullying or shutdown by a government or a military.  Let’s endeavor to be respectful and collaborative – and as for the t-shirts, burn them, not your bridges.
– Paula Jordan

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