Sick to my stomach and extremely concerned

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, July 8, 2014

To the Editor:
I have just returned from the Fourth of July Festival in downtown Columbus, NC and feel sick to my stomach and extremely concerned about what I saw while I was there.
As my husband and I walked near the Republican Party booth, festooned with posters advertising Gage, Owens, Holbert, etc. we heard a pounding sound and loud laughter. As we got closer, we saw a group gathered around a youngster who was throwing  softballs into a large photograph of President Obama while adults and other young people stood around and laughed. I was horrified and began to wonder what adults in this community think is a good idea to teach children. Who could possibly think it is a good idea to teach children to:
•     throw things at adults,
•     disrespect the sitting President of the United States of America,
•     disrespect adults in general.
If the children of this community are the future of Polk County and the USA, shouldn’t we adults be teaching them compassion and respect?

– Priscilla B. Yeager,

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