Ruffling horsefeathers

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, July 8, 2014

To the Editor,
Commissioner Ray Gasperson’s letter to the editor (Economic Policy Folly, Wednesday, July 2, 2014) concerns a proposed Polk County Equine Commission.  The Proposed Economic Development Policy and Strategic Plan presented to the public at the County Commission meeting on June 23, 2014, suggests the creation of a “Polk County Equine Commission.”  In his letter Mr. Gasperson asks a refreshing anti-government query, “Do we really want politicians deciding local equine policy?”
During the meeting in response to questions about the nature of an equine commission, Commission President Ted Owens stated emphatically that the formation, conduct and activities of the proposed commission were entirely up to people involved with and conducting equine businesses in the County.  It is the responsibility of those citizens to form a committee, select its members, formulate policy and, if such a group is formed by that community, to be heard formally by presenting their viewpoints and opinions.  Mr. Owens stated, “…they would have a seat at the table.”  Mr. Gasperson’s letter implies that such an equine commission would be government-run and sponsored when the exact opposite was made clear by Mr. Owens.  Mr. Gasperson seems intent on being obtuse. Perhaps in an effort to ruffle horsefeathers?

Helen Voyadgis
Tryon, NC

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