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Published 10:00 pm Thursday, July 3, 2014

Six month old Peaches

Six month old Peaches

It has been a hectic week both for me, and my kids.  The mass near my lung has grown a bit and I’ll be seeing a radiologist at the cancer center in Asheville this week.  Still, everything has been detected early ad all prognoses are positive. I’ll be seeing the cardiologist about my heart function on the eighth and I seem to be improving there also.
There are two girls, one Peach, a Rottweiller and the other Amelia a German Shorthair Pointer, who are currently under my Humane Society fund.
Peaches (the rotty) is six months old and was introduced to me last week.  When I met her I immediately made sure that Lennie’s Fund at FHS would handle her case.  She had a deep gash around her collar area and her right rear leg was so mutilated it had to be removed.  It had been deduced that she had pulled herself loose from a snare (a leg trap) and was found bleeding and in pain on the side of the road.
I took her head in my hands and kissed her as I pledged to do all I could for her.  Her tail began to thump, soaking up the loving attention.  I had to leave and sit outside and I began to sob like I haven’t done since I said goodbye to my beloved Bruno.  She is currently at Landrum vet recovering nicely and also being treated for hookworms.
Amelia, also 6 months old was brought to FHS a few weeks ago and seemed to have injured her hip or rear leg.  It was later diagnosed that it was a fairly old injury, probably struck by a vehicle.  She seemed to be doing fine and was sent off to a foster home with a good friend and fellow rescuer Christina.  After a while Amelia began exhibiting severe pain and extra doses of pain relief pills weren’t helping.  Christina was frantic and hadn’t slept for four days when I received the call.
I had known Amelia both at FHS and at Christina and Jim’s home.  I arranged for x-rays to be sent Upstate and set an appointment as soon as possible to help Amelia.
Amelia will be seeing Dr. Kate Margalit at Upstate vet specialists at the same time I’ll be in Asheville seeing the radiologist.  Christian will handle the visit and let them know that Amelia is one of Lennie’s kids.
I’ve often said that my funds are low on purpose and these two cases alone are a perfect example why.  I’ll probably deplete my funds at FHS and have to use my personal funds to make up the difference.  I’ve done it before and expect it will happen again.  If any of you special angels would like to help me to help them, make a check to Lennie’s Fund and put Peaches and or Amelia in the margin and I will see it goes directly to their care.
God bless you all and
Thanks for listening.

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