Independence Day

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, July 1, 2014

As we approach Independence Day, I am reminded of many things which make me thankful to be an American. At the same time, I will not rest easily this night as I reflect on the ineptitude of our government to deal with fundamental issues, the cascading effect of which could inevitably bring us to our knees: Fast & Furious; Benghazi; domestic drones; surplus military hardware in our local communities; the IRS fiasco; NSA spying; Syria; Obamacare; the Ukraine; Iran; Iraq; and, the Marine Sergeant Tahmooressi being held in Mexico.
And now the nation wrings its collective hands while we witness a major humanitarian crisis unfolding along our southern border where an estimated 90,000 undocumented, uninvited and illegal immigrants stream unimpeded across the Rio Grande River.
Fortunately, we have not been asked to listen to more platitudinous readings from a teleprompter.  At some point, though, I pray we each awaken to the complete incompetence of our federal bureaucracy which last month was most poignantly displayed by former NSC Spokesman Tommy Vietor as he flip-pantly commented on the four Americans killed in Benghazi: “Dude, this was like two years ago.”
Well, yes it was. And, what a simple explanation that comment provides for understanding what is being done to us at every turn. Obfuscate, speechify, misdirect, stonewall, ignore, prevaricate and outright lie. Before we know it, two years pass and the issue is no longer news.
Please reread the first paragraph and decide whether you’re satisfied with the answers we receive from our elected and paid officials.
– August Umlauf, Tryon

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