A special thanks to the great and humble “Blue Whale”

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, June 26, 2014


A few months ago Sally and Callie came into my possession; they had been declawed and were truly a special case.  At ten and twelve years old and living in a loving and calm environment all their lives, they would need a perfect home.  Their mom had to be placed in a nursing home, which already had them sad and confused, cat’s dislike change.
I was called because the dachshunds in their new home had them traumatized and their new owners were frantic with concern for it was their mom who’d owned them previously.  Callie and Sally could not have been loved more but the situation was untenable.
I visited them almost daily at Landrum vet and these two great ladies never failed to greet me with loving purrs and head butts, soaking in the attention.
The staff constantly reminded me what sweet and loving cats they were and though their boarding bills were piling up I was pleased they were safe and secure.
Over the years I’ve helped many animals get well; I’ve helped them find new homes or arranged that they could stay in a loving home.  I could never do all this alone and to the best of my ability I try to make folks aware of the wonderful support I receive from so many like minded people.  Along the way I’ve noticed many new organizations being formed to help the animals and as a result great strides have been made in our area.
On Saturday Callie and Sally were brought to a new home, one that couldn’t be more perfect. Debi, the co-founder of Pilots and Paws, a tremendous organization that helps animals get to far away homes when we are overcrowded.  Thanks Debi, not only for Callie and Sally but for all the work you do.
As I stated earlier, I could never do what I do alone and over the years there has been one constant.  Callie and Sally were placed with Debi with the help of Dana Meyer.  Dana has been there for me more often then I can count, helping me find homes.  She is tireless in her efforts for the animals and I consider just knowing her to be my greatest asset.  I always seem to embarrass her but I can’t help it, the love and admiration I have for her is hard to contain.  I don’t even think she knows what a great lady she is.  I often give out nicknames and Dana’s is Blue Whale.  The reasoning is simple, in the scheme of things I am a tiny minnow, and Dana is a Blue Whale.
I’m often thanked for what I do but if you see Dana, please thank her for me.  Of all the great ladies that I know, she is the greatest of them all.
Thanks Dana and Thanks for listening.

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