Call for FHS Volunteers to “do an outing”

Published 7:59 am Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Brice, the beagle adopted at a recent outing from FHS.  Volunteers are needed to expose the FHS shelter animals to local prospective forever homes.


Foothills Humane Society (FHS) is a no-kill shelter. That means that as long as an animal is healthy and adoptable, FHS keeps that animal until a forever home is found.
Unfortunately, not all animals are adopted immediately. Shelter life can become hum-drum in a very short time.  The FHS Shelter needs volunteers to provide these animals, especially dogs, with a break from shelter life.
This break can be an overnight “pajama party” at your home. Many dogs love to socialize, so having animals of your own can be fun for all involved in the visit.  If an overnight seems too large a commitment, even a few hours away can make a big different.  If you are an outdoors person by nature, take a shelter animal to the park or on a hike.
The shelter dogs enjoy any outdoor activity and being away from the shelter. Dog friendly establishments are a great place for animals to find potential forever homes.
FHS provides an “adopt me” vest for the animal to wear while on an away visit.  So the opportunity to find a new home is higher.
Recently there was an opportunity for Brice, a shelter beagle, to go for an outing.  Joan Roseberry, a volunteer, took Brice home for an overnight visit.
He loved playing with her beagles. The next morning, Joan took Brice in his vest to Open Road Coffee to enjoy the outdoor area while she had breakfast.  Brice was the center of attention.
And as fate would have it, he found a forever home in a fellow patron. The adoption was finalized this week.  Joan said, “I don’t know who had more fun; Brice or me.
He was the perfect gentleman for the entire visit. And when we had a happy-ever-after ending to the visit, it gave me a feeling of gratitude and accomplishment.”
If you are interested in volunteering for this service, please contact Michelle Phillips, FHS Volunteer Coordinator at 828-863-4444.
Michelle can assign you an animal and date for an outing or visit to your home.  If you are not currently an approved volunteer, Michelle can arrange for an application and orientation.

– article submitted
by Joyce L. Cox

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