Only asking for a couple of feet

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, June 10, 2014

To the editor:
This is in response to Scott, an attorney in Columbus.
I found your response to my “letter” interesting, though not surprising; not surprising because as an attorney, you follow strict guidelines, which adhere to the law.
Unfortunately, for bicyclists we must live in a reality that requires a more “common sense” approach. Laws often are instituted that ultimately get “tossed” because they aren’t based in reality.
Let me share my thoughts about this. Several days ago in Columbus, while riding my bike an elderly lady passed me inside a double yellow line road with no cars approaching from the opposite direction. She never hesitated. She passed me and gave me, and I’m not exaggerating, 6 inches between her car and me.
Now, according to Scott and his recital of N.C. laws, she did not have to move further away from me and over the double yellow lines. But what Scott failed to relate is that she had no right to pass me as I have a legal right to share the road with automobiles.
What she should have done was wait until she could pass legally. She didn’t and she came close to the potential of seriously injuring me or worse.
Now, if such an accident had occurred the only one who would have benefited from the aftermath would have been the attorney who would have represented either party but the ultimate damage would have been done. My suggestion is please drivers, use some common sense.
Doesn’t it make sense to move away from the bicyclist and possibly over a double, no passing line or face the consequences of jeopardizing the safety of the bicyclist who is only asking for a couple of feet of pavement to enjoy his ride?
– Brucke Heckleman,

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