A reversal of fortune

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, May 29, 2014


Last week I spoke of Callie and Sally and how they became Lennie’s kids.  I visit them daily and the lack of trust has completely vanished as they purr and nudge me for more petting.
I spoke of Fred and Sue and their three Dachshunds, Keena (fawn colored), Koehner (white) and Kooper (black and long haired.)  I called them the K-street boys and all have had their story told.
As should be obvious, many of my dear friends and supporters are animal lovers.   Often they have at least one pet that knew Uncle Lennie first.
Lily is a three and a half year old dappled Dachshund who kept getting in trouble and was being injured by older and larger dogs.  The sweet thing is full of love and demands full attention when she’s in the room.
A few months back, Lily’s owner Rosie approached me about the dilemma she was having with Lily.  Rosie, at the risk of being redundant is another dear friend and supporter who has been there for me and my kids over the years.  Rosie tried placing Lily with her daughter Pat, who has three dogs of her own.  All the animals knew each other and it worked well for a while until Lily began to again show dominance and it became too much for Pat, so back home to Rosie went little Lily.
When I first learned of what was going on with Lily a few months back I immediately contacted Fred and Sue about her, knowing that if Lily needed a new home that was the ideal place.  Fred and Sue were excited about a little girl for the K-street boys but all went quiet for a while.  What I did not know was that was just about the time Callie and Sally were brought into their home.
When Lily got back with Rosie it didn’t take long for another incident to occur and this time Rosie’s call was full of concern.  “I can’t keep her Lennie, she’s going to get hurt bad, but I won’t just give her up unless it’s a perfect home.”  I went over to consol my friend and that’s when I learned how Lily’s trouble began.
A little over a year ago Rosie lost her husband Joe and though I was there for my friends, I didn’t think of the animals at that time.  Lily loved Joe and I supposed missed him ad that’s when her behavior began to change.
Now the ball was in Uncle Lennie’s court I had two loving families and three animals, Callie, Sally and Lily that needed a reversal of fortune.
Callie and Sally are now at Landrum vet being well cared for and as I stated in their tale “All they need is love.”
Sue and Fred went over to meet Lily at Rosie’s home, her daughter Pat and all her animals were there to.  It was one of the best afternoons of love and new friendships I’d ever spent.  Lily attached herself to Sue and Fred immediately; especially Fred and Rosie knew right then and there that Lily would be in a caring home.
Today Lily resides with the K-street boys and whole new bonds of friends and pets has been achieved.
The best of all is between Lily and Fred; he beams like a little boy as she cuddles up in his arms.
And Lily, well she’s probably the biggest winner of all, she has a brand new Poppa.
Thanks for listening.


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