All they need is love

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, May 22, 2014


I’ve often said that “love is not enough” which is very true, but I’ve also said, “in spite of that, love is the most important thing.”
Callie and Sally are 10 and 12 years old respectively and come from a home where they were very much loved and cared for.  They have been spayed, are up to date on all their shots and unfortunately, they have been declawed.  They are shy but very sweet and cute as a button.  Sally, the larger of the two is more tiger like while Callie shows more calico.
I received the call from a dear friend, Susie, who has three Dachshunds, all Lennie’s kids.  Susie’s mom had recently been put in a nursing home and her two cats desperately needed a home.  I’ve known Susie and her husband, Fred, for years and I can personally vouch that if any animal needed help, they would care for it.
The Dachshunds (all boys) live with a 21 year old cat that has put them in their place more than once and they totally leave her alone.  The boys are sweet as can be; I know because they’ve ganged up and given Uncle Lennie a face wash on more than one occasion.  But the boys play hard and one in particular is not too fond of cats.
Callie and Sally not only lost their mom but they were put into a chaotic situation that they couldn’t handle.
Susie tried for months to make it work but the cats were thoroughly stressed and without a way to protect themselves they couldn’t put the dogs in their place as the older cat did.  Though the cats were isolated, Susie was walking on eggshells for if something happened to one of those cats, or any cat for that matter, Susie would be devastated.  “Besides Lennie,” she told me, “this is no way for them to live.”
Callie and Sally are now at Landrum vet as I, and the good doctors work to find them a home.
I visited them just yesterday, opened the cage door and sat in with them.  They huddled in the corner with a dazed and confused look in their eyes as I softly spoke to them and gently stroked them.  I stayed with them for half an hour and though they stayed in the corner their eyes softened and they relaxed, accepting my pets.  I began tearing up; trying to imagine what was in their hearts and in their heads.  I leaned over and cupped each ones face in my hands and placed a kiss upon their heads.  “They say you have nine lives girls, Uncle Lennie promises that he’ll do everything in his power to see that the next one is as good as the first one was.”
Come check out the girls, all they need is love.
Thanks for listening.

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