Just kidding – I’m not a worm

Published 10:00 pm Wednesday, May 14, 2014


This tiny eastern worm snake was found in Landrum in a bed of leaf litter as a local resident searched for fishing bait.
Worm snakes are small (usually between 6 – 11 inches long) and brown with smooth scales and a pointed tail that they use to help burrow and dig. Their bodies are generally light to dark brown on top and pink to white below.
Though very common in this area, the worm snake is rarely seen, for it is one of the most underground-living snakes in the Southeast.
It received its name not only because it is easy to mistake for an earthworm, but also because it feeds almost exclusively on them.
After this photo was taken, the snake was gently returned to its home, where it promptly vanished.
Readers should note that unless they are absolutely certain of the harmlessness of the species, snakes should not be approached, regardless of their size.

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