Saluda Playground Equipment – a few facts overlooked

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, May 13, 2014

To the Editor:
1. Kaboom – as a Playful City Grant – $20,000.
A – has it been applied for?
B – Kaboom grant is to be used for equipment for childrens park and to upgrade park to be handicap accessible – not to be applied to the proposed amphitheater on McCreery Park.
2 – Town Council has proposed the use of alcohol in McCreery Park Ampitheater for “special occasions.”
3 – Mayor Boisden says they (the council) have received a loan, not a donation, for the project to be paid back… whenever, interest – free.
Does this loan make the mayor and council members indebted to a person or a group in the future, or is this loan “interest free” in payment for a favor already performed?
What about alcohol permits?
If they have money in the form of an interest free loan, why haven’t they proceeded with the project instead of soliciting donations for the amphitheater? Taxpayers will pick up the tab anyway. To me, a donation to the amphitheater in McCreery is a vote to use alcohol in McCreery Park.
Why not put the amphitheater in the city owned tail gate market lot and get alcohol out of our children’s play area?
These are a few of the concerns overlooked in the March 31 article.

– Dorothy Williams, Saluda

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