Hang-um High

Published 4:55 pm Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Marvetta Stott was a drapery maker for many years and her job made her a very welcome guest in many of the areas homes.   She was commissioned by decorators or invited in by the homeowner. She thanks her “upbringing” and her Lord for the success she has had as an entrepreneur.
“We were raised to work.  We were not the richest people in the area, but we were not the poorest either,” said Mrs. Stott. She was born and raised on a farm in the Columbus Township at the foot of Little Mountain.  She graduated from high school, then married at the age of 19 to her late husband, Bobby Joe Stott.  She lived in the Hickory Grove area for 20 years but was happy to move back to this area.  Her father C.H. Chitwood and mother Ruby were the backbone of her and her 6 siblings learning to work hard at anything they did.
Marvetta worked for 7 years at the Landrum Mills before beginning her family. At that time she decided to stay at home with her children while they were small. Later she worked with May Smith, a drapery maker, for 1 year to learn more about drapery making. She read and studied and began her sewing career in 1972 in an enclosed “side building be side the barn.” Her husband installed electricity, walls and did all the finishing work. She could now stay at home with her first 2 boys, Quan and Mitch, then 12 years later with Christopher. The best thing about being an entrepreneur was each time her family moved she could move her business with her. She always had plenty of work. Soon she was getting too much work for one person and she hired Carolyn Kling who “did all jobs well. “We worked together for 25 years…every new piece was a job, a new piece of fabric, and a new challenge.”
Marvetta is retired now, but she still takes a few jobs for old customers along with a few referrals.
She is proud to live in the oldest house in Columbus and spends some of her spare time taking care of the nature around her house.  She enjoys working in the soil, yard work and growing colorful plants at her home. These days her favorite pastime is creating bluebird and wren birdhouses.  Reading how-to books, preparing the wood, cutting, creating, and painting the houses. Each birdhouse is a special gift for family, friends or the birds in her yard. She enjoys using her imagination, and her God given health and strength.

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