Who are the real bullies?

Published 6:14 pm Tuesday, April 1, 2014

To the editor:

Well, now I’ve heard everything! Our County Commissioners are being called “bullies.”  You can’t be serious. I have known and worked with the four Republican Commissioners for years and they are truly nice people who care deeply for Polk County.

Tom Pack, admittedly, has a bit less tolerance for nonsense and lying than the others, but he is a really good guy and a good businessman.

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Let’s look at the facts to determine who is really bullying whom. Ray Gasperson, by his own admission, betrayed the ethics of Closed Session confidentiality. It is a natural response by prudent people to be more guarded in what they say once they know that someone has betrayed the trust of confidence. Something like that cannot be ignored.

It must be addressed. Rather than sit and discuss things like an adult, Ray chose to leave the meeting, even though he had agreed to the format of the meeting in advance. It was his choice to behave in that manner. Then he went whining to anyone who would listen, crying, “Foul!” and blaming others for his behavior.

Next came the onslaught of letters to the editor from the Democrats hammering away at the Republicans.

When the shoe was on the other foot and Tom Pack and Ted Owens were in the minority, they were treated with complete disrespect and their input dismissed. They didn’t stomp out of meetings or write articles to the Bulletin. They behaved like grown men who were elected to do a job and they did their best.

The Republicans didn’t write letter after letter to the Bulletin. We respectfully let the Commissioners do their jobs and when Election Day came, we changed the direction of the Board.

Ever since the Republicans took over as the majority, the Democrats have relentlessly pounded away at every little thing they do. In fact, leaked memos from high ranking officials in the Democratic Party have instructed their people to do that very thing – criticize, criticize, criticize and attack. Hardly a day goes by that there isn’t a negative article in the Bulletin about the Republican Commissioners.

If you look at the Polk County Democrat’s website, it has been consistently filled with hate and vengeance from the moment the Republicans took office. It even stated at the very beginning of their terms that it was their intent to track every little thing the Republicans did while in office.  The Republican Commissioners have chosen to take the high road and just focus on the business of Polk County. But I think they are running out of cheeks to turn. I know I have.

The hatefulness publicly expressed by the Democrats has been so extreme that political parties are no longer allowed to have booths at the Green Creek Heritage Festival. The last time we were allowed to be there, the Republican booth had nothing but positive campaign material representing our candidates.

The Democrat’s booth, however, had a whole string of vicious signs that were very personal attacks on the Republican candidates. The signs were so nasty and hateful that the Democrats were forced to remove them.

The Green Creek Heritage Festival is a happy, family event and spewing such venom was completely inappropriate in that environment. In fact, I cannot think of any place where such venom would be appropriate other than perhaps a Democrat meeting.

So, now tell me, who is the bully here?

– Cheryl Every,