Glad to be at congregational church

Published 6:16 pm Friday, March 21, 2014

To the Editor:
Do you ever wonder how newcomers to the area choose where they will go to church? If they’re churchgoers, that is (it’s okay if you’re not… I’m not here to judge). My parents moved to this area 30 years ago from the northeast. They attended and were very active in a Presbyterian church up there for many, many years. Their three children were baptized and confirmed there.
After visiting many of the Protestant churches in the area, even up in Hendersonville, the church they chose was the Congregational Church of Tryon (United Church of Christ). They took to it like ducks to water and became active immediately.
When my husband and I moved here four years ago to be near Mom (Dad died in 1991), I let myself become acclimated to the area first. I was not a regular churchgoer up north.
When here, I, too, went to different churches to check them out. Even though attending a Presbyterian service was like putting on an old glove, I chose the Congregational Church of Tryon. One of my great expectations was the joy of the feeling of sitting next to Mom in the pew, harmonizing while singing the hymns and doxology (she sings tenor, I’m an alto) and worshipping with her. So we do, and we love it. (My husband, by the way, attends 8:30 a.m. mass at St. John’s, then attends the 10:30 service with us.
Getting extra points for his ultimate retirement, isn’t he?!)
We particularly like listening to Bob Barrows’ sermons.
There is something in every single one of them. His presentation is honest, earnest, often funny, and personable, with hardly a note in front of him.
Of great interest to us are his words on working as a community, side by side, to help make this earth a better place, and ourselves better Christians.
Mom and I often nudge each other during the sermon to imply what a good point he just made. This happens every Sunday… almost. A pretty good record for Bob.
I’ve become a regular churchgoer at this beautiful church, with its great pastors and people, and missions. I’m even a deacon now. Churches go in cycles, and I’m really glad I’m here in this cycle of the Congregational Church of Tryon.

– Ellen Harvey Zipf,

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