“You hypocrites!”

Published 6:17 pm Tuesday, March 18, 2014

To the editor:
On page one of our local newspaper is an article about the brouhaha in Saluda – the taking down of a sign, which says “Saluda – a Veteran Friendly City.”
On page 10 of this same newspaper is along article about Howard Greene, one of Polk County’s own veterans who served in WWII and survived Omaha Beach.
How can you compare him or any other veteran to farmers as was done in this paper a few days ago? Much to my chagrin, I have misplaced that paper. I have nothing against farmers, but it’s like comparing oranges and bananas – it can’t be done. These service people loved and fought for their country as is still happening today. With our new miracle drugs and procedures, many vets are alive who in previous days would have died. Why can’t Saluda honor these persons? Some are walking around just as you and I, but many are blind, in wheelchairs or using artificial limbs. Worse yet are those who are deeply troubled and have nightmares. As Jesus says in Matthew 23 verse 23, “You hypocrites!”
– Jane Janke,

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