Are commissioners using common sense?

Published 11:37 pm Monday, March 3, 2014

To the editor:

When I first started to read your letter I was skeptical, but hopeful.

You were concerned about the explosion of our government and its interference in all aspects of our lives. Then my hope returned to skepticism.
You wanted to know why the commissioners did not give our tax money to the Green Creek Games.
You wanted to know why the commissioners did not give our tax money to the White Oak Project.
You wanted to know why the commissioners did not give our tax money to the Polk County Unified Developers Ordinance.
As one of the commissioners said, “It is not up to a few to tell the owners of their land what they can do with it!”
And, you are in favor of yet another volunteer committee, The Polk County Economic and Tour-ism Development Commission. The last volunteer committee cost the taxpayers $74,000. What will this volunteer committee cost the taxpayer? It is amazing how well the county has developed before all these committees and com-missions.
If a person wants to invest in a project that risks their money, that is their business, and if they make money – good. However, if they lose their money, sorry about that – but, it is their money. It is not the taxpayers’ money that is being risked.
Presently, we have some Commissioners who want to stay out of the private community and concentrate on what they were elected to do. Services such as the infrastructure, schools, police and other services necessary to keep the public safe and informed. That is their job. Maybe the commissioners are using “Common Sense.”
– Julia Umlauf, Columbus

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