Football is over, but the game goes on

Published 6:13 pm Tuesday, February 4, 2014

To the editor,
Ah, the political game. Who plays? What are the rules?
Team T: taxpayers
Team N: non-taxpayers
Team P: most of the house and senate
Team T give taxes and financial support to Team P. Team P gives promises to Team N in order to keep them in the financial game – just enough to keep them needy (food stamps). Team N helps Team P (votes) get the ball (more taxes from Team T). Team T thinks that Team P is protecting them from Team N. Team N thinks they are ripping Team T.
The winner is no one. The game never ends. Only Team P keeps running up the score. Giving Team N a meager dole satisfies many but not all. Team P takes Team T’s support and taxes and enriches themselves and the game goes on.
Burning the flag is constitutional. So, apparently, is burning the Constitution itself. Term limits anyone?
I’m sure the creators of the greatest document in all of history – that ensures equal opportunity for success and happiness thru personal industry (i.e. study and hard work) – did not have in mind this sorry lot in Washington nor the big media.

Bob Neubauer,

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