Finding a way

Published 6:49 pm Thursday, January 23, 2014



Some time ago, as a pup, Bear was adopted into a new household.

Bear is a large Labrador retriever mix, and you’d be hard pressed to think he wasn’t a purebred. Bear has lived a life that many dogs only can dream of and though I disagree with many things, he is healthy and happy.

Bear lives in a very large fenced-in wooded area and has a comfortable covered doghouse for shelter. He also has access to the garage where there are blankets in case of severe weather. He always has fresh food and water and plenty of treats Bear wants for nothing.

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I received a call from Donna a week ago and learned about Bear, who is now 10 years old.

Bear’s last owner (Donna’s dad) passed away in November. Donna and her nine-year-old son, Jacob, who Bear adores, visit daily and spend the weekends to tend to his needs.  Many neighbors are also on the job giving food, water and attention to a dog they are quite fond of themselves. For all intents and purposes, Bear still wants for nothing.

Donna also has a fenced in yard and wishes to move Bear to her home and perhaps make him somewhat of an inside dog as he grows older. The reason I was called is that Bear has never been inside a vehicle and there’s no way the big fella would get in one. He’s also never had a collar or been on a leash.

On top of all of that, Bear has never had any vaccinations and needs a full bank of them.  I’ve visited him, and though he is quite shy, he allowed me to pet him as I handed him treats. When the treats were gone he moved off and kept a wary distance.

I contacted Donna Raines at Landrum vet and the good doctor agreed to help move him to his new home, which is just minutes from the clinic. The plan was to have Donna and Jacob there to calm him down while Dr. Raines and some of her staff use tranquilizers to help get him in a vehicle.

After that process, we planned to stop at the vet clinic or give him shots on the way. This move was supposed to be done this past Monday or Tuesday, but unfortunately Dr. Raines staff, including Tommy Maiolo, was decimated with the flu and she was extremely short handed.

I’ve informed Donna, Bear’s owner, it will have to be a little longer, but he’ll be fine for now. I will visit him again to try and get him more used to me.

On another front, many, many people have asked, “What is happening with Mojo?”
I’m aware that I take many of you on this emotional roller coaster I’m often on.

Mojo is currently being lovingly fostered by a vet tech in Knoxville, Tenn. He is being treated for yet another urinary tract infection.

When the infection clears up, he’s been accepted to the university where they’ll perform this rare and delicate procedure. I was informed that they have every reason to believe that Mojo can live a fairly happy and normal life.

When I heard the news, I dropped the phone as tears gushed from my eyes as they’re doing right now trying to relate this story. It’s not over yet, so please do not stop your much needed support and prayers.

It’s odd, I think of Big Bear and Mojo, once Lil Bear, and the very different paths their lives have taken. Certainly not always but many times with enough care, love and prayers, miracles can be achieved. I guess what I’m trying to say, with God’s help and all of you angels out there; somehow we can find a way.

Thanks for listening.