Leaving the rest in His good and loving hands

Published 7:14 pm Thursday, January 16, 2014



One of the most difficult things to discern when a pet gets older and is injured or ill is quality of life. It is more than obvious that the longer they are with us, the deeper our love and concern grows.
At the Larsen abode there is a sweet little miniature poodle named Kiki and out of all the other animals, she is most definitely Bert’s little girl. Over the years Kiki has spent just as much time on my lap as any of my own kids. Bert will teasingly say, “She forgets I exist when you’re around.”
“Nonsense,” I reply. “She’s a smart girl, she can have you anytime, Uncle Lennie’s time is like dessert.”
Kiki is a solid, healthy 15-year-old poodle. She lost all her teeth years ago and her vision is beginning to fade, but in every other way she’s just like a puppy, active and playful.
While scampering up the back stairs recently, Kiki slipped and fell backwards, injuring her spine, paralyzing her back legs and inhibiting her ability to eliminate. No thought of Kiki’s age entered the Larsens minds as she was rushed to my friends at the Upstate Veterinarians Specialist. There they were tended to by Matt Ritter, another good friend and angel I have worked with.
The Larsens told Matt of my relationship with them and my bond with little Kiki. Dr. Ritter laughed and lovingly called me, “the crazy man who never gives up.”
I’ve had Kiki on my lap just this week and she now stands on her own and eliminates easily. All this occurred after more than $5,000 of no expense care that included a delicate operation and 10 days of therapy and recouping. All I can say is she’s my little Kiki again and she acts as if nothing happened.
In the midst of all of this, I received a call from Tracy whose family I’ve helped before.  It was about momma and her little poodle Shadow. Momma’s mental faculties are slowly fading and Tracy’s concern is that Shadow is her whole life. Shadow has a tumor or cyst below the right ear that had been treated but has come back with a vengeance. The money to help Shadow just isn’t there, but they would try to pay a little at a time if I could help.
“How old is Shadow?” I asked. “Probably 10 years old or maybe a bit older.”
“Is he in good health?”
“He runs around like a puppy Lennie, and never leaves momma’s side, that’s how he got the name Shadow,” she said.
I immediately thought of Kiki.This little boy had an important job to do and helping him would also help all those around. I smiled to myself, “Bert Larsen would most certainly approve.”
“Get him down to Landrum vet, Tracy, and I’ll meet you there, I’ll inform Dr. Raines.”
“God bless you and thank you Lennie.”
“You’re welcome Tracy, and you tell momma not to worry about a thing.”
Shadow’s tumor was about the size of a quarter and was red, raw and bleeding. He was brought in on Friday, Jan. 10 and the tumor removed on Monday, Jan. 12. The operation was highly successful and the only problem Shadow had was that he missed Momma, who took him home on Tuesday.
Now I think of Mojo and wonder why they all have different times to fulfill their purpose. I pray often for guidance in these matters and I suppose it’s just not for me to know. I guess all I can do is what I always do, do the best I can with what is put before me and leave the rest in His good and loving hands.
Thanks for listening.

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