Foothills Humane Society needs new fosters

Published 6:58 pm Thursday, January 16, 2014

Annie and her litter shown here were fostered by the Wallahora family.(photo submitted by Joyce Cox)

Annie and her litter shown here were fostered by the Wallahora family.(photo submitted by Joyce Cox)

Foothills Humane Society (FHS) is searching for new fosters to assist them as they expand their animal foster program. Fostering is a wonderful way to contribute to the shelter and its mission by providing a temporary home with love and care to animals that need a place to stay away from the shelter.
These may be animals that are going to a permanent home or rescue organization that are only staying for a few days  It may be animals that need a longer stay away from the shelter and extra care either for health reasons or because of their youth.
By temporarily caring for these animals, more kennel space is available for pets ready for adoption. The individualized attention provided to foster animals is priceless – it makes a lasting impact on their physical and emotional wellbeing. Temporary fostering may be for only a few days until more permanent living arrangements are made for animals. Or it may be for a longer period of time. The timeline varies based on each animal’s circumstances.
Tracey Leidheiser is a FHS foster.  She recently fostered Nigel, a very young and malnourished kitten: too weak to run or play.
As Leidheiser recalls, “For weeks we held him and loved him and made sure he had as much food as he could eat. Eventually he began to grow and play. It is a wonderful feeling to know we made a difference to this cat.  As you can see in the picture, he grew and thrived with care and attention. It is possible that we made the difference between life and death.”
Susan Wallahora and her husband are also FHS fosters. She shares a similar story.
“I don’t know the circumstances as to how this mother cat ended up at Foothills, but we began fostering her the day her kittens were born. Her name is Annie and she was a wonderful mom.
All she needed was a quiet, safe place to take care of her babies, and not worry about where her next meal was coming from. I am so grateful to everyone involved with FHS for their commitment to saving animals. Fostering is a great way to help their effort. Richard and I have been fostering for several years, both puppies and kittens. It is an incredible feeling watching these babies grow knowing we have helped give them a better start in life.”
Currently the Wallahora family is fostering 2 dogs that are staying warm and safe through the cold weather. They are there for only a few days, but Susan already has noticed that Haus, an older boxer who is available for adoption, is a friendly, well-mannered and loving family dog.  “He is wonderful and deserves a forever home; I hope someone takes notice.”
If anyone locally is interested in being an animal foster, please contact the FHS Foster Care Coordinator:  Dana Mayer at or by phone at 828-894-2088. Another option is to contact Foothills Humane Society directly at or by phone at 828-863-4444.  Adoption or foster information is available upon request.
-article submitted
by Joyce Cox

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