Praying for a miracle

Published 7:44 pm Thursday, January 9, 2014

As the Christmas season comes to a close and we earnestly enter into a new year, I’m finally getting rid of this bug that’s been plaguing me for more than a month.

Lennie and Mojo (photo submitted).

Lennie and Mojo (photo submitted).

Of course, I wouldn’t listen to my dear wife. She told me to slow down but she ignored her advice until I got slammed on my back for a few days. A lot has happened since we last spoke in “Keeping another promise,” when I introduced you to Spot, who by the way is in a foster to adopt home.
I work with so many wonderful rescues and fosters and we share assistance to each other, all for the benefit of the animals. Remember, many stories are never told.

Bobbi Shannon’s Sire is a sweet grey cat with a white face. He’s just been neutered and needs a home.

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Chris Hume and Patti Peake have rescued and saved many difficult cases.
Right now there is Bugsy, a little cattle dog, 2 ½ months old with a bulging eye. Also there is Logan a 6- to 8-month-old Lab-hound mix with a happy tail. His injury has been operated on and he’s healing as we speak. These stories go deeper, but it’s for another time. For instance, Bugsy was left in a mail slot.

Mojo (once Lil Bear) was set to be put to sleep on Friday, Jan. 10. He’s been at Landrum vet since the third and has been visited daily. Nothing more can be done for him, though the University of Tennessee has had some success. All cases are different, but that was our last hope.

Chris and Patti, along with many others, would not give up on Mojo while Danielle and I made it clear he was not to be bounced around and be experimented on.
Remember “Love is not enough?”
I’ve been on the phones constantly and you would not believe how many wonderful people have leapt into action on Mojo’s behalf. There’s an organization called “Adopt a Golden” located in several states with one in Knoxville, Tenn. The Knoxville branch has an affiliation with the university and has offered to give Mojo a chance at life through the university doctors.

On Tuesday, Elaine and I took Mojo to meet Amy from the rescue on Route 40 in Asheville to make the transfer. We’ll probably know the answer in a few weeks and our prayers for a miracle continue.

On one of our last visits, Mojo looked up at me with all the love and trust he could muster as if I was his savior.

“Oh no my precious little boy, I’m not your savior, I’m just trying to do His work the best I can with the help of all His angels.”

In conclusion all I can say is, “His will be done.”

Thanks you all for your prayers.

And thanks for listening.