Keeping another promise

Published 7:14 pm Thursday, January 2, 2014

Spot (photo submitted).

Spot (photo submitted).

There are many things going on that I could be writing about but I can get caught up on those. For now I must keep my word for my kids at the shelter.
After last week’s Christmas poem “Back to my roots,” I promised I’d be back to tell the tale of one of the photos used. Everyone knows The Child of Hope and there were just too many kittens involved, so that left Spot, who graciously sat for his photo.
Okay, okay, I’ll come clean, treats were involved.
Spot was a stray turned in way back on Aug. 3 and why he’s still at the shelter after five months is a mystery to me. He’s listed as a Pointer mix and his age is between 1 ½ and 2 years.
He has been neutered and he has had all his shots and is perfectly sound both physically and mentally.
All of this is technical jargon that anyone can learn by looking at his sheet, but I’ve held him in my arms and gave him the Uncle Lennie kiss between his eyes.
I’ve witnessed dozens and dozens of dogs at the shelter who are just like Spot. For some reason they get passed over and we who know and love them cannot understand why.
When this handsome boy looks up at you with love and trust you can’t help but emit a smile that originates from deep within your heart.
I deal with so many sick, injured and abused animals I feel that being around a dog like Spot is God’s gift to my psyche.
I guess Spot sounds like the perfect dog but there is one thing missing, a loving home.  If you are lucky enough to be to be the one to give him that home, I can assure you, you’ll be smiling from your heart for years to come.
Spot and I wish to thank you for listening.

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