February, March bring trapping debates, water issues and drug arrests

Published 11:04 pm Monday, December 30, 2013

Always Tryon begins fundraiser to pay off Simone statue
The Always Tryon group made a public plea for fundraising to complete the outstanding $55,000 owed to the sculptor who created the Nina Simone statue. The Nina Simone sculpture and plaza was dedicated in downtown Tryon on Feb. 21, 2010. The sculptor, Zeno Frudakis with Frudakis Studio Inc. had been paid $51,000 out of a total of $106,000, as of March 2013.

Watch ends for Polk sheriff’s K-9 Trixie
Polk County Sheriff’s Office mourned the sudden passing of its K-9 Trixie, a 10-year old German Shepherd. Trixie came to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office last year and was assigned to handler Ronnie Russell. She passed away suddenly on March 15 after seeming to be very healthy and vibrant and still working on a daily basis.

Columbus annexes another 2.6 acres for Foster Creek
The Town of Columbus approved voluntarily annexing a non-contiguous 2.66 acres of property to be a part of the planned Foster Creek Preserve, but not after some debate. Columbus Town Council met March 21 and approved the annexation by a 3-1 vote following a public hearing.

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Tryon looks to collect $50k in delinquent water bills
The Town of Tryon is looking into ways to collect approximately $50,000 worth of delinquent water bills as well as possibly doing an audit to ensure current bills are correct. Council met March 19 and discussed differing concerns over delinquent water bills. Of the total delinquent, approximately $29,000 comes from inactive accounts.

Tryon drafts picket/protest regulation
The Town of Tryon is considering amending its town code to regulate pickets, demonstrations, parades and protests with careful drafting to ensure the language does not restrict anyone’s First Amendment right to free speech. Council met March 19 and reviewed a draft ordinance to be included in the town’s code that would require a notification be submitted and restrictions regarding how close a picket, protest, demonstration or parade could be in front of open businesses.

Breakfast highlights ag center accomplishments
A crowd congregated at the 4H Center in Columbus early on March 27 for the monthly Friends of Ag breakfast. Those in attendance were eager to sink teeth into local fare and discover information about future plans for the Mill Spring Agricultural Center. Commissioners in attendance also were questioned about the ag center’s future as rumors swirled.

Tryon to tackle mold/mildew issues at town hall
Tryon Town Hall worked to resolve moisture issues in the building’s crawl space. Tryon Town Council met March 19 and approved an $18,400 agreement with John Salmon with Foothills Crawl Space who said the job should take about three weeks to complete.

Tryon ABC store obtains $30k loan to reopen
The Tryon ABC store got new life recently when it was approved for a $30,000 loan in order to reopen the store. On March 19 commissioner George Baker announced the store obtained a loan. Baker also said the loan does not require the town to be obligated for anything, despite previous statements that the town would have to co-sign a loan.