Thoughts of Tryon

Published 6:08 pm Friday, December 27, 2013

As one year closes and another opens, I would like to say a few things to you.
I would like to again acknowledge Alan Peoples, Wim Woody and Doug Arborgast for their service to Tryon.
In government, as in most things, you don’t accomplish much by yourself and they had help, but Tryon is a better place because they served. I hope all three will find ways to continue their contributions to Tryon.
I would like acknowledge and I hope you will too, those who work for our town.
They make our town operate, most of the time very smoothly; protect us; take care of medical and fire emergencies, and fix things, frequently when it’s cold and wet and in the dead of night.
Those who volunteer thousands of hours each year to help those in need, to do those things that need doing, and to bring arts, crafts and music into our world deserve recognition. I believe we have far more talent per capita than we know.
Thanks to those who live here for making Tryon the type of place we want it to be. Let’s make 2014 a “year of positivity.”
If you travel over the holidays, please do so safely.  While you’re traveling, or just enjoying the holiday, please think about two things for me and send me an email when you can.
First, what is one thing you would like to see accomplished in Tryon in 2014?
Second, what is your personal vision for Tryon?
My email is: and my Facebook page is
Thanks again for your support. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. Kathy and I hope to see you at the Tryon Ball Drop on New Year’s Eve.
– Mayor Jim Wright, Tryon

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