Prayers answered, prayer denied

Published 5:42 pm Thursday, December 19, 2013

On Nov. 22, I told the tale of two puppies, Mojo and Rockii.

Leonard and Rockii

Leonard and Rockii

Rockii went to the University of Georgia to have a hip replacement, while there it was learned his limping was primarily because to a faulty knee.  The biggest problem Rockii had were the deep creases around his head and shoulder.  The scar tissue had actually become fibric and was causing great discomfort, sort of like a rope gradually tightening. The work was extensive but Rockii is feeling so much better as I have personally witnessed.  The stitches and staples will be removed soon and then some knee surgery after he loses some weight. If all goes well he’ll be due for some aqua therapy just about the time the weather warms up.  He’s not too crazy about being in the pool, but Uncle Lennie promised he’d join him during therapy.  Ah, the sacrifices I make for my kids. Each time I visit Rockii I envision the little puppy I first saw and as things progress I count him as a prayer answered.
Mojo, once Lil Bear, has been through an awful lot to improve his quality of life.  We have tried everything to help control his urine flow but medicines have not given us any success. The final and most intricate operation could not be done at Upstate Veterinary Specialist.  I learned that it was pretty much a new procedure and the University of Tennessee may do it if he was a candidate. As you all are aware, I haven’t spared any expense in trying to give this sweet soul a chance at life. Bearing a miracle there isn’t anything else I can do and as he grows his quality of life is deteriorating.  His personality is off the charts fantastic, it seems what was lacking in his body has been added to his heart, which makes the final decision all the more difficult.
The first Friday after the holidays Mojo will be brought to Landrum vet so the staff there can spend some time with him. On Saturday he will be quietly and peacefully put to sleep and his ashes will be given to my dear angel of a friend, Danielle Scruggs.  Her patience and love are a main reason Mojo had any chance at all.
I guess this was a prayer denied but let me tell you something, countless people will weep for Mojo. This boy has lit up more lives and brightened more people’s hearts in his short span on earth than most people can in a whole lifetime. I guess he too has fulfilled a purpose that only the Lord knows and I don’t blame Him for wanting the angel back.
Have a blessed Christmas and thanks for listening.

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