Landrum works to resolve boundary question

Published 9:01 pm Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Town of Campobello tried to claim 1/2 mile within Landrum City limits as its own, but after some sharp consultation, the two towns have agreed that the annexation paperwork filed with the state contained some errors, according to Caitlin Martin, Landrum City Administrator.

“For the last several years, Campobello has been annexing land down Hwy. 11 and to I 26, and they filed paperwork with the state saying they’d annex all the way up to mile marker one, which is inside Landrum City limits,” Martin said. “They say now they only wanted to come up to Landrum boundaries and it wasn’t stated correctly in their paperwork.”

In South Carolina, the only way to question annexation is if the individual is involved personally in the area, and Landrum questioned that annexation, requesting a correction so Campobello wouldn’t infringe on Landrum.

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“It wouldn’t necessarily affect any one person,” Martin said. “Landrum owns that property, though, and one city can’t annex property that belongs to another city.”

Landrum City Council decided to move forward with taking depositions, so city attorney Larry Flynn can follow up on the matter. The situation has been complicated because the Landrum fire district is twice as large as the city limits, stretching to the North Carolina line and into Greenville County, and this annexation by Campobello will include part of the Landrum Fire District.

“The Landrum Fire District has discussed becoming a special purpose district with its own board of commissioners, but to do that, they will need permission from every municipality,” Martin said. “This annexation would make Campobello one of those municipalities. Right now we are in limbo as we wait to hear back from the depositions.”