Thermal Belt Questers travel to Bostic Lincoln Center

Published 10:45 pm Monday, November 18, 2013

For their monthly meeting, the members of Thermal Belt Questers Tryon Chapter traveled to Bostic, N.C. to visit the Bostic Lincoln Center.
Both the Lincoln Center and Questers share a mission to educate, document and preserve area history. Lydia Clontz, president of the Bostic Lincoln Center, greeted the members.
She told them the history of the Bostic Lincoln Center, which is intrigue, mystery and work on pieces of a national puzzle.
Where was Abraham Lincoln born? Who was his father? It is known that his mother was Nancy Hanks, who moved to North Carolina from Virginia with her mother and sister, Lacey, in the late 1700s.
A letter to Ancil Dycus, a Confederate soldier, from his wife, Mary has been found. It says, “I want to tell you what the local talk is around here besides the talk of war.”
According to the talk “Old Abe” was born here in Rutherford County. Mrs. Martin told some folk that she knew for sure he was born here in the county because she knew Nancy Hanks, his mother, personally.
She said when Nancy Hanks left here with a wagon train headed out west, she was holding Abraham in her lap.
Do visit this nearby treasure and also hike to his believed birthplace at “Lincoln Hill.”
– article submitted
by Linda Lee Reynolds

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