Identity theft could happen to anyone

Published 12:10 am Wednesday, November 6, 2013

To the editor:
Don’t believe it can happen to you?   Don’t be so sure.  My wife and I recently stopped at Wendy’s in Columbus for lunch and presented a credit card, which was promptly scanned and rescanned to no avail.
Fortunately we had a second and different card!
Surprise, surprise – no good either.  Later at home the phone work began and soon found two charges of more than $100 at a Walgreens in San Francisco, Calif. And another charge of more than $100 and one that had been denied at a 7-Eleven. So much for card No. 1.
On to Ingnacio, Calif. where the thief decided to charge more than $300 at Toys R’ Us on the second card.
Fortunately both card issuers took prompt action; however our preventive action continues with phone calls, letters and emails.
Interesting that one of my calls to the USAA phone number listed on their statement advised me that I was to receive a free Carnival Cruise! Wonder which thief was going to pay for that?  Probably me.
Such a good deal that they are even on the Express Scripts phone number, so the ship should be filling fast.
– Hovey McClure

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