Your vote really counts in this race

Published 7:54 pm Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ever wanted to truly see your vote making a difference in an election?
This year in the municipal elections of Saluda and Tryon, particularly, your vote could easily sway the numbers and affect whether or not someone grabs a seat on city council or becomes your town’s next mayor. Recent town elections have ended with a candidate winning by one or two votes.
In Saluda, there are seven candidates for two seats, while in Tryon you’ve got six candidates for two available positions. Now in Saluda you’ve also got a contested mayoral race with John Morgan signing up as a potential write-in candidate. Election season seems to be getting more and more interesting by the day in Polk County.
Newcomers to the Saluda political world seem to think change is in order. Do you? If you are a Saluda resident you have the opportunity to make a statement about whether or not you like the direction in which Saluda is running or if you think new leadership is needed. Some say the shear number of candidates on the ballot shows change is imminent. The same might be the case for Tryon, but you the voters are the ones who determine if change is what you want.
Be active in the political process – don’t be the one who complains but never votes to make things happen.
– Editorial staff, Tryon Daily Bulletin

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