Foothills Duplicate Bridge results

Published 11:48 pm Sunday, October 27, 2013

Morning Restricted Pairs

Section A: North-South

First: Gordy Cwik – Mike Roemer

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Second: Sandra Parker – Teenie Elliott

Third: George Cashau – Mariana Tarpley

Fourth/Fifth: Bill Norteman – Chip Boyle

Fourth/Fifth: Sheila Umlauf – August Umlauf


First: Bill Baker – Pat Rogers

Second: Edward Krainer – Marcie Mack

Third: Robert Palmer – David Hart

Fourth: Sue Rothemich – Liz Frey

Section B: North-South

First: Karen Doddridge – Linda Hall

Second: William Kelly – Peggy Henson

Third: Sherril Wingo – Carolyn Ashburn

Fourth: Richard Belthoff – Rolland Rasmussen


First: Janice Dunn – Elaine Riley

Second: Daniel Dworkin – Martha Frederick

Third: Patsy Hanskat – John Hanskat

Fourth: Jean Stratford – Charlie Stratford

Afternoon Open Pairs: North-South

First: Richard Long – Linda Sherer

Second: Marily Williams – Mickey Brandstadter

Third: Daniel Dworkin – Jack Williams

Fourth: Bill Norteman – Chip Boyle


First: Sally Jo Carter – Lois Barrick

Second: Andrea Kahn – Elizabeth Refshauge

Third: Michael Verbonic – H Ingram Willis Jr

Fourth: Leslie Tucker – Carole Stuenkel

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by Marily Williams