Carolina Yarn Processors suffers fire Saturday

Published 6:02 pm Monday, September 30, 2013

Damage minimal; plant operating

A fire broke out at Carolina Yarn Processors (CYP) in Tryon Saturday, Sept. 28 after a tote [container] leaked hydrogen peroxide, according to Tryon Fire Department reports.

Damage was contained to under $1,000 and the plant was operating on Monday, Sept. 30.

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The Tryon Police Department received an alarm activation at the plant at 11:53 a.m. on Saturday, with multiple alarms except for the fire alarm being activated initially, according to the alarm company.

Sgt. Theda Rickman responded to the scene at 11:53 a.m. and attempted to gain access to the property when she noticed smoke coming from the building, according to Tryon Fire Chief Joey Davis.

Rickman requested the Tryon Fire Department to respond with mutual aid dispatched from Saluda and Columbus Fire Departments.

Davis said once Tryon fire was on scene and saw the amount of smoke coming from the building, they also requested the Landrum Fire Department to respond.

Tryon firefighters forced entry into the building and found the fire in a processing area where two activated sprinkler heads were containing the fire, Davis said.

Tryon also requested the Campobello Fire Department to respond with its ladder truck.

Davis said the fire started in the area of a 3,000-gallon tote of hydrogen peroxide in almost pure form, which is different from what the general public can purchase.

“When it comes in contact with combustible materials, such as wood, this purer form (of hydrogen peroxide) can cause combustion,” Davis said. “It appears that the hydrogen peroxide leaked from its container and ignited a wooden pallet. It also appears that the smoke activated motion detector alarms and the fire alarm didn’t activate until a bit later in the fire.”

Davis said the sprinkler system and quick response kept damage to the plant minimal.

CYP President David Moore said the damage was less than $1,000. He said the plastic tote was destroyed and replaced by the maintenance director after everything was cleaned up on Saturday. Two sprinkler heads were also replaced.

“Everything is running and is 100 percent,” Moore said.

Davis said the fire was extinguished at 12:38 p.m.