Tryon approves special fees for debris pickup

Published 11:10 pm Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tryon residents could see a special bill if the town picks up large amounts of brush, limbs, shrubs or construction debris.

Town council met Aug. 20 and approved an amendment to chapter 50 of its town code regarding garbage to implement that large pickups include a special charge.

The town will still pick up loads that are up to two wheelbarrows full of either brush/limbs/shrubs or construction and demolition materials free of charge.

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Between two wheelbarrows and ½ truckload will now be a $25 charge and between ½ truck load and a full truckload is a $50 fee for brush/limbs/shrubs.

Construction and demolition fees are $30 for two wheelbarrows and ½ truckload and $60 for between ½ truckload and a full truckload.

Definitions for a ½ truck load states that it is 6.5 cubic yards of materials. A full truckload is 13 cubic yards of materials.

Tryon mayor and commissioners began discussion of charging for large pickups during this year’s budget sessions.

Resident Bill Ingham told commissioners in the last few months he’s had trees fall into his yard that are owned by his neighbor and asked who would be responsible to get that hauled.

Tryon Mayor Alan Peoples said that’s one of those questions the town hasn’t thought of yet.

Resident Bill Crowell also said the power company will cut trees and leave them in his yard.

Council decided to exempt the fees during times of obvious storm damage. Attorney Bailey Nager cautioned town leaders saying he wasn’t sure the town wants to get into the business of storm damage.

Nager suggested Tryon talk to Saluda, where they’ve had mega piles that took weeks and weeks to clear.

Other questions included debris that is placed on the edge of someone’s property from a neighbor, which happens in some neighborhoods.

Crowell said people come to his street from Whitney Ext. to put their debris in a pile, but there may be four households in the pile for the week.

Town public works director Joel Burrell said his staff will talk to people before they send a bill and the town won’t charge for a dipper-full of debris, just a ½ truckload or more.