Tryon Seventh-day Adventist Church to host community health fair

Published 5:52 pm Thursday, August 29, 2013

A health fair for the community has been planned for Sunday, Sept. 8, from noon to 5 p.m. at the Tryon Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Morgan Center.

A free meal will be served to everyone who participates. Everyone is invited to come to this event.

“The purpose of the health fair is to give people an opportunity to find out if they might have a health condition that could be reversed and live a happy, healthier life,” said Lorna Dever. “Many people cannot afford to visit a doctor, and underlying health problems go unchecked. Early knowledge of such things as high blood sugar or blood pressure could change ones’ life. Our goal is to help people learn early of possible medical problems that can be diagnosed with a visit to their primary care physician and allow them to live healthier and longer.”

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There will be stations set up around the interior of the Morgan Center for people to meander through and learn about healthy lifestyles and get various medical checks. Most of the medical checks will be offered completely free of charge, while some may have a slight fee.

Various health organizations in the community will be available so participants can learn what they have to offer in times of medical need.

Want to know how your blood sugar level is to help prevent diabetes? There will be blood sugar checks as well as blood pressure checks. Early prevention for diabetes and heart diseases is the only way to prevent serious damage to your system or death.

John Richards will do hearing checks for attendees. It is important to know early if you are developing hearing loss and seek ways to be able to hear the beautiful sounds around you.

Bob Shepard will be doing live blood demonstrations. Do you have healthy and powerful blood, or is your blood tired or weak?

A microscopic photograph of healthy, powerful blood shows the red blood cells to be round, evenly shaped and freely floating in plasma.

Live blood demonstration is a wonderful way to see that what you are doing with your health is working. You will be able to see with our own eyes the cells of the blood. There are three types: number (1) red blood cells or Erythrocytes: (2) white blood cells or Leukocytes; (3) platelets or Thrombocytes. There is a small per person fee for supplies.

There will also be a display and literature showing the effects of tobacco in our bodies. A demonstration will show what your lungs can look like after tobacco consumption.

Want to learn your real health-age? There will be a station available that will give you a printout showing what your real health-age is and recommendations on how to live a longer life.

The event is offered free of charge to the community, although some of the stations may require a small fee for their medical checks. There will be something available for every age level. For more information, call Dever at 828-817-1544.

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by Lorna Dever