Take a stand against our evil government

Published 9:13 am Wednesday, August 7, 2013

To the editor:

I just read Jeremy Scahill’s book “Dirty Wars.” This was over 600 pages of the most unbelievable and horrible killings, tortures and dishonesty by the U.S. government.

I voted for Barack Obama believing he would be a change (positive). Not so; reading the facts of this book tells of the horrible drone attacks around the world that were greatly increased by Obama’s administration. I request that everyone read this book.

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If you have a humane ear for fellow humans, stand unified to change this horrible carnage that is being done by the U.S. government.

Read about U.S. citizens being killed by U.S. drones without any trial or lawful recourse and the innocent relatives and friends being killed with them. The persons on the “kill-list” are not even terrorists or part of the terrorists’ activities; some are journalists that are reporting the bombing of innocent women and children. We must thank God for journalists like Jeremy Scahill and others for trying to reveal the truth. On page 520, “Today, decisions on who should live or die in the name of protecting America’s national security are made in secret, laws are interpreted by the president and his advisors behind closed doors and no target is off limits including U.S. citizens.”

Scahill goes into some of the billions of dollars spent by the United States due to these killings by the U.S. government and private contractors paying Afghan farmers billions of dollars because they blew up their village.

You must read his book to get the facts of the carnage: bodies blown apart with goats, cattle and chickens beyond recognition of what flesh belongs to whom. The villagers make open graves as they cannot piece one human body together; then the government lies about their doing.

Then Congress wants to reduce any welfare for struggling families; as the warfare regime spends trillions upon trillions on war and carnage.

Please, people, wake up and let’s stand together against this evil government.

– Dr. Rita D. Rimmer, Landrum