William H. Crawford

Published 5:08 pm Monday, July 29, 2013

NAME: William H. Crawford (Bill)

William H. Crawford (Bill)

William H. Crawford (Bill)

NAME OF BUSINESS: Carolina Pin-Hi Golf Range

STREET ADDRESS: 21903 Asheville Hwy., Landrum, S.C. 29356

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PHONE NUMBER: 828-243-6136

OPERATING HOURS: Summer hours, 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.

NATURE OF BUSINESS: Providing a golf driving range with excellent facilities, golf greens, which will enable golfers to improve their short game. Lessons include juniors age 6 to 12. Senior lessons available.

PRINCIPAL OWNER: William H. Crawford, manager and Brad Crawford, owner.



HOW’S BUSINESS?: Tough! Weather has been too hot… with excessive rainfall (14 straight days) have noted a drop in play.

ONE THING YOU WISH EVERYONE KNEW ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS: We really care about our people and their desire to be called a “golfer.” We take the necessary time to get you there… being a good golfer is good for business relationships.

ADVICE TO YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS: Never abuse a customer’s trust. Be sincere and never lie in order to make a sale. Some big stores mark an item up and then mark it down telling you its on sale. This is a lie.

YOUR FIRST JOB: Mowing yards…. 75 cents. Driving a school bus.

YOUR ROLE MODEL: My dad. “If you can’t do a job right, don’t do it at all.” Do not find an excuse to “get out of jury duty.” In business, Mr. J.E. Broyhill of Broyhill Furniture Ind. My wife Dottie, who is loved by everyone.