Voters do have recourse

Published 4:55 pm Tuesday, July 23, 2013

To the editor:

As a GAL (Guardian ad Litem), I was very disappointed, but not surprised, by the decision of the Polk County Commissioners to forego financing a much-needed social worker position at DSS; this as part of their effort to create a tax refund of $3.47, or whatever, to each citizen.

For those of your readers unfamiliar with GAL’s, we act as volunteer advocates before the Court for abused, neglected and dependent children in the custody of DSS.

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Sadly, this decision is only one of several made by these public minions that reflects their apparent determination to impose their will on Polk County.

I have seen several other letters to the Tryon Daily Bulletin reflecting writers’ frustration with our local governments’ decision-making, or lack thereof.

This same frustration, on the national level, has seemed to create a feeling among voters that they have lost control of their elected representatives. Further, one feels helpless to influence the direction taken by politicians like our county commissioners.

I ask all to remember that we, the electorate, put these people in their positions.

If we are outraged by men who ignore the needs of abused children, who cause waterlines to be built where they are not wanted or needed, who create unnecessary hardships for organizations that attend to a growing population of abused animals, who use their position to place their advocates in various advisory boards, then we do have recourse.

We resolve not to forget. We resolve to get involved in campaigns. We look for a variety of candidates, not just middle-aged white men with political promises to keep. And we vote.

Failure to stay involved will result in getting the kind of local government we deserve; that is to say, what we have now.

– Chris ter Kuile