Landrum to consider implementing vendor ordinance

Published 6:29 pm Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dark Corner Diner owner Virginia Maclure anxiously awaits Landrum council members’ next move as the city considers implementing a vendor ordinance.

Maclure spoke before the council at its Tuesday, July 9 meeting and said she hoped Landrum would further a positive working relationship with her gourmet food truck.

“I’m grateful, I’ve always been for the city’s cooperation,” she said before the meeting. But now Maclure is concerned a new vendor ordinance might prevent her from doing business in the city.

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“In order to be successful for myself and to continue to contribute to the city in a positive way, I need your [the council’s] help … Success for my business, for other businesses and the city is my goal,” Maclure told council.

Maclure said Dark Corner Diner is currently limited to parking in one place, once a week. She said that forces her to turn down business.

Maclure said she believes the city benefits from small businesses such as Dark Corner Diner. She said just like other businesses she has to pay permit fees and taxes, as well as money on gasoline, food and service purchases.

“Attraction of young and old foodies who come to Landrum for a different food experience also adds to the revenue because they continue on to other stores and spend more dollars in town,” Maclure said.

Access to shopping is one of the main reasons, she said, her customers want her to stay in Landrum. She said the Hospice Thrift Barn, the Landrum Public Library and other businesses have recently requested that she park near their locations. At one point Maclure had set up at the Thrift Barn near I-26, but was promptly told city regulations did not allow for her to do so.

City Administrator Caitlin Martin said while the city does not currently have an ordinance restricting vendors, it does have restrictions on items being sold temporarily from sidewalks.