“We worked too hard, but we had the greatest crew”

Published 4:58 pm Monday, July 8, 2013

Editor’s note: The 75th anniversary edition of the Tryon Daily Bulletin recounts many a milestone in the newspaper’s history including many of Bos Vining’s memories of life putting out the paper. Bos wrote an article titled, ‘We worked too hard, but we had the greatest crew.’

The Tryon Daily Bulletin staff decided to reprint that article to allow Bos to tell of her memories in her own words: 

Since we have had several snow falls recently, several years ago we had an unusual snow fall and our crew could not get into the office on Friday, so we decided to print Monday’s paper on Saturday.

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A couple from Maine who were staying in Asheville came to town and came in our office to inquire as to why so many stores were closed. I told them that the people in the county couldn’t get out, so why open up? Then they wanted to know why the streets had not been scraped. My reply was, “We only have a big snow about every ten years so why tie up money for the equipment?”

About the Curb Reporter, Mr. Vining was always seen walking up and down the street with a pad of paper and a pen in his hand. He would stop and speak to everyone and ask about their families and if they had any news. He would pick out some of the headlines in the papers for the “curb” and if he saw a display in a store window, he would call attention to it so others could enjoy it, too.

When I first came to Tryon folks would barter for subscriptions. A farmer brought a live chicken to the house while we were eating lunch and wanted to give us the bird in exchange for the paper. Dad told him if he would kill it, he would take it.