Saluda approves planning board recommendations

Published 6:09 pm Wednesday, July 3, 2013

After holding a special called public hearing June 26, Saluda’s Board of Commissioners approved an exemption to its land disturbance ordinance as well as new definitions for junk, junkyards, mobile homes and modular homes within the city limits.

Planning board member Henry Bright attended the public hearing to offer clarification for any of the proposed changes. He said the current land disturbance ordinance in the city, Section 3.10, requires a sketch map of any work to be done that disturbs 400 or more square feet to include cuts and graded slopes, property lines, setback lines, existing and proposed buildings, roads, driveways and drainage ditches within the property, bordering streets, inlets, culverts, swells, ditches, etc.

He said it also calls for the landowner to explain what temporary and permanent erosion control measures will be used on the project.

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“That really is at the heart of what is required,” Bright said.

The unanimously approved exemption provides that “home gardens, community gardens, garden club projects, home landscaping or lawn preparation of existing parcels be exempted from permitting fees unless erosion, drainage and slope stabilization concerns necessitate a land disturbance permit …”

Councilman Leon Morgan voted for the exemption but clarified that he doesn’t want to see people’s landscaping work cause issues for their neighbors, either.

“I say if it leaves your property, it’s in violation,” Morgan said.

Councilman George Sweet also said the planning board should consider whether or not an exemption is needed for scraping or grading of existing driveways.