Remember to treat the flag with care

Published 6:10 pm Wednesday, July 3, 2013

by Kailey Young

With the arrival of Independence Day, many people will sport the American flag proudly displaying their patriotism and love of country. But according to section 8d of the Federal Flag Code, “The flag should never be used as wearing apparel.”

The Bulletin recently spoke with community members about proper flag etiquette. Several said they often see people displaying flags improperly – most of the time without even knowing it.

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The most common mistake people make is leaving the American flag up all night, without properly displaying it with lights.

John Allen Albree, LTC, USA, (Ret) said properly displaying our nation’s flag is crucial.

“I think that particularly when our country is at war, it is imperative that American citizens display the American flag and thus show proper respect for it and love of country. I think that it is also imperative that Americans, whether they be veterans or otherwise, give proper respect to the flag during the pledge of allegiance and the playing of the national anthem. The most important place for our children to learn these acts of patriotism is in the home.” Another great place to learn about patriotism through proper flag display is at our very own House of Flags Museum in Columbus.

Robert Williamson, Chairman, says that “Flag etiquette is more than just properly displaying the flag; it is about how we care for it and how we handle it. Flag etiquette is an important part of the nation’s history and part of the patriotism that we should show for our flag and our nation’s history. At the House of Flags Museum, our mission is to teach people about proper flag etiquette, patriotism and flag history.”