Committed to saving lives of all species

Published 4:46 pm Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When the scanner sends out a call to first responders for emergency response one imagines the adrenaline that kicks in quickly.

An EMT or fire fighter runs through the possible scenarios he or she will face when they arrive on scene – injured individuals, weak structures and destroyed property.

One scenario many of us might not consider is the possibility of these responders also saving the lives of our beloved pets.

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Tuesday afternoon EMTs and firemen worked diligently to revive precious members of the Morris family. Through their painstaking efforts a dog and two cats were saved.

We are often impressed by our first responders’ commitment to their duty, but we feel the effort given in this particular instance showed the heart it takes to do such a job well.

Our editor watched first hand as these men and woman treated the deceased cat with utmost respect once all efforts had been exhausted. A volunteer reverently covered the cat’s body and gingerly placed it under the shade of a bush, out of the way of the hustle and bustle to finish the job.

Another volunteer with great concern scooped up the aging dog, taking it off for further evaluation at Bonnie Brae.

Many situations call for a pat on the back of the men and women who commit their time and put their personal safety at risk for the sake of others. This situation is certainly one of those, as many of us animal lovers deeply understand the love for our furry family members. Our thoughts also go out to the Morris’ not only for the damage done to their home but the loss of their surely beloved family friend.

– Tryon Daily Bulletin staff