Polk County EMS director fired

Published 8:55 pm Tuesday, June 11, 2013

To the editor:
The June 7, TDB article entitled “Polk County EMS director fired” seems to me to illustrate a pattern of behavior toward women by the majority of BOC members. I wonder sometimes, if these BOC members dislike all women, or just those who are intelligent, compassionate, competent and unselfishly willing to serve the people of Polk County.
First, during the last election, they had one of their wealthy political backers attack Renee McDermott in the Bulletin with full-page ads designed to smear her record and reputation, in order to defeat her. Then they went after Dr. Allison Owens, who is a very compassionate and caring physician who was trying to bring appropriate care to those who need EMS services. None of the EMS “volunteers,” in their published letters in the Bulletin, ever expressed any concern for those who need their services.  Almost all complained about how they are volunteers and they don’t have the time to keep their training current. (This is an interesting position, since even realtors must keep abreast of new rules and regulations and must annually attend training in order to keep their licenses.)
Finally they decided to get rid of Sandra Halford and to make it public.  Apparently, without regard for this public servant who has served the people of Polk County for several years. They think it’s OK to fire her and then publicly cite those reasons through an article in the Bulletin.
My questions to these men: “Sirs, at long last, have you no shame? Are you so committed to your political party and its leadership, that you no longer have any compassion for anyone who is not a member of your party?”
When we can only see our neighbors as Democrats or Republicans, we lose sight of what, in the past, made us a great county, a county where our elected officials worked together, regardless of party affiliation, for the common good of those they’re supposed to represent.
– Neb Conner, Tryon

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