Good things about Columbus Police Department

Published 9:34 am Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why don’t you walk in their shoes just one day and see how they feel and how they have to handle things? When you’re off from your job, you’re off. These guys have to be mindful of everything 24 hours a day, because they protect – you the person that wants to complain about a traffic officer sitting on I-26 stopping speeders.

But what you don’t know, sir, is that there are people out there driving down our roads, yes our roads, in Columbus, drinking and driving.

If that traffic officer was not sitting on I-26 stopping that drinker who was speeding and finding out that he was under the influence, then who is to say he would not be driving down Mills Street and hit one of your loved ones or one of mine?

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I’m not here to argue over what has been said, but why not think about how your attitude affects people that are willing to die for you because they took an oath to God to serve and protect.

Just FYI, speeding is the second leading cause of fatal car crashes, which is 30 percent of all the fatalities each year. Is your family worth a police officer turning his head because you think it’s wrong?

– Bill Hodges, Columbus