FHS should not become political toy

Published 6:16 pm Tuesday, June 4, 2013

To the editor:

I was saddened yet not surprised by Emmy Summers’ letter to the editor on May 23. How she could take such a positive organization in Polk County – the Foothills Humane Society (FHS) and turn it into another bashing of the Republican county commissioners is beyond belief.

I did not ask “why” she would do this; I think suffice it to say, she is part of the group here in Polk County that has made it their mission to turn everything into some kind of political battle.

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Emmy must remember that many people in Polk County who support the FHS may be discouraged from doing so in the future as she and others like her use this wonderful organization to pit residents against one another… If this occurs, FHS will be the true loser.

Let’s look at some facts that come directly off the FHS website, which should be considered and evaluated before asking for any further Polk Country taxpayer funding.

FHS Annual Report (excerpts from FHS Website)

Category 2011 2012 Difference

Total “Intake” 2070 to 1,705; 365 or 21 percent less