Unfairness and strange priorities in county’s budget

Published 10:43 am Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yet the rescue squad, which has refused to get an audit for years and years, is set to receive a 10 percent increase from the taxpayers.
There’s voodoo budgeting afoot too. All the departments’ capital requests, from cars to computers and cameras, are going to be paid from the county’s savings account, rather than from annual tax revenues as they have been paid in the past. That makes it possible for the UNconservative majority to give their gifts to their supporters and friends.
The commissioners discussed charging a fee for the popular mobile recycling program. The outcry caused them to back off with Commissioner Ted Owens calling the majority’s proposal just a rumor. Is it just a rumor if it’s true, and right out of the horse’s mouth, Ted? Now the majority is talking about cutting back on the mobile recycling services. By the way, recycling is required by state law.
The majority is discussing requiring the children who use Gibson Park Pool to pay more, because right now they pay only 80 percent of the cost of operating the pool. Yet the majority will not even discuss charging the adult and child users of the Mill Spring Recreation Complex, the ball fields and Laughter Pond, even a token amount. Ball field users are asked to pay zero percent of the very high cost of operating the ball fields, and kids who use the pool must pay 80 percent or more for their recreation.
What’s the fairness there? What’s the logic?
Almost everywhere, Little Leaguers and adult baseball leagues must pay at least a moderate fee to help pay the costs of the ball fields they play on. Not in Polk County. Why the unusual favoritism?
Are we seeing a pattern yet?


– Mary Parker, Tryon

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