We deserve better

Published 7:20 pm Thursday, May 23, 2013

To the editor:

The Polk County commissioners turned down a request by Foothills Humane Society’s Executive Director Selena Coffey for an annual increase of a mere $14,580 to help with the added medical bills for  animals at the shelter.

Currently, Polk County pays $97,200 to FHS for their annual contract for the intake of stray and abandoned animals, both from Polk County residents and the county’s animal control officer. In return, FHS provides necessary medical exams, basic vaccinations and medical testing upon initial intake of the animals, and then holds the animals for the state mandated three-day hold period. Their vet bills have increased, but so has their live release rate.

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FHS has come a long way, and for the past several years has had a live release rate better than most no-kill shelters in the country. They have been praised and held up as a role model by several national organizations for their excellent work and for saving the lives of the vast majority of animals who come into the shelter. The FHS’ Board of Directors, executive director, staff and volunteers take great pride in their work and truly care about the animals. They think outside the box to find ways to help people and their pets. They have been the driving force behind making our community a humane one, of which we can all be proud.

So why aren’t the commissioners saying “Thank you” for making Polk County shine in the national spotlight?

Thank you for saving so many animals, and helping so many people?

Thank you for providing free food and low-cost health care for the pets in our community?