Ernest, I haven’t forgotten you

Published 9:31 am Friday, May 10, 2013

“The operation went well, he’ll heal perfectly. We had to scrape some old scare tissue and the fractured femur was at least two months old.” “That poor boy,” I said, nearly breaking out in tears from the injustice.

“He’s a trooper, Lennie,” Keith said, trying to lighten the situation. “I think the fact that we neutered him bothered him more than the operation.” “You’re a good man, doc.” “Yeah,” Keith said laughing, “I got your note.” “I can’t get Ernest tomorrow, but I can be there first thing Friday morning.” “No problem Lennie, an extra day might be good for him.” “You’re the best Keith.” “Right back at you,” he laughed as we hung up.

I took Lani up with me on Friday morning to pick up Ernest. Keith was in surgery, so a younger staff member met us.
“We all know about you Mr. Rizzo, Dr. Allen sends his regards.” I laughed, “Tell Keith that won’t save him from a man hug next time I see him.”

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Dr. Allen had called me the night before to give me an update on Ernest.
“How much did Dr. Brandon quote you Lennie?” “He said it should run around $4,000 Keith.” “Your fee will be just under $2, 400,” Keith said. I tearfully gasped, “Oh God bless you doc.” Keith, who can get emotional himself, said “Hush up and just come and get your dog.”

Many other things occurred for Ernest up to this point. Back at Landrum vet for a week, another trip Upstate for x-ray check (all’s well) and now at FHS recouping and waiting for a forever home.

You may wish to know what was in the letter I sent to Dr. Allen. I simply stated how much I appreciate our friendship and begged for as much help he could give on Ernie’s fee so that I could help others. Oh, and I also sent the story of Spike, the little Chihuahua whose jaw he saved.

All of you who know me, know quite well when it comes to my kids and their welfare, I don’t have any shame. So thanks for putting up with me all these years and thanks for listening.